Interdisciplinary: Innovation in Design, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Systems–Ideas2

Over the past decades, innovations have emerged from problem-oriented research based on knowledge integration at the intersection of different disciplines. Therefore, interdisciplinary collaboration has been critical to find solutions for complex societal challenges. However, there are little spaces within and beyond the academy where researchers are encouraged to defy their field's boundaries -- leveraging their disciplinary mindset into contributions to broad domains, particularly within the Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Management (STEEM) and across Social Sciences and the Humanities. This SN Applied Sciences Topical Collection on Innovation in Design, Entrepreneurship, And Sustainable Systems – ideas aims to bring novel questions and challenge existing policies and practices on more innovative and sustainable social and technological systems. Throughout history, technological innovation has led to the most significant dimensions of development – economic, social, and environmental - underpinning core changes in the way we live. In other words, we seek more efficient ways on how to transform research inputs into socioeconomic outputs.


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