Reviews and Perspectives

Evolutionary Ecology is excited to invite prospective authors, especially Students and Early Career Researchers to submit Review and Perspectives papers on any topic related to the interface of ecology and evolution (i.e., research that seeks to explain the ecology of organisms in the context of evolution, or patterns of evolution as explained by ecological processes). We expect Review papers (up to 8,000 words) to survey recent developments and major advances, whereas Perspectives papers (up to 4,000 words) should express new points of view or provide novel and unconventional perspectives on current concepts, theories or hypotheses within evolutionary ecology.

We are particularly interested in seeing and promoting submission from Students and Early Career Researchers. If you are first author on a Review paper or Perspectives paper, currently a student or within one year of obtaining your PhD degree, Evolutionary Ecology is committed to promoting your work as well as making your article freely accessible for 8 weeks after Online First publication. You will also qualify for an eBook voucher (EUR/USD 250) from Springer, should your manuscript be accepted.

We expect these contributions to be the starting point of intellectual discourse on exciting and recent trends in at the interface of evolution and ecology. To facilitate timely dissemination of these manuscripts, Evolutionary Ecology is committed to a fast turnaround time, with an average of 55 days from submission to first decision.

Beyond direct submissions of Review and Perspectives papers, the Reviews and Perspectives Editor, Dr. Kathryn A. Stewart, will also be soliciting 5 - 10 invited manuscripts per year for submission to this growing collection. Turnaround times from editorial invitation to article submission will usually be 3 months for Perspectives, and 6 months for Reviews, to ensure timely communication and publication.

For more in-depth detail regarding Review paper or Perspectives paper submissions, feel free to view the Submission Guidelines.

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  • Kathryn A. Stewart

    Assistant Professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences at Leiden University, Dr. Stewart is interested in biodiversity and the policy tools to manage it. She researches (i) the drivers of diversification in changing environments among individuals, populations, and species, and (ii) develops cutting-edge molecular tools for practical applications in biodiversity monitoring and management. Dr. Stewart was appointed Reviews and Perspectives Editor of Evolutionary Ecology in July 2021.

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