Teledentistry and Distance Learning: Improving Access to Oral Health Care and Education

BMC Oral Health has launched a new collection in support of Sustainable Development Goal 3, which welcomes submissions that contribute to efforts to promote good health and wellbeing for all by using teledentistry and distance learning to improve access to oral health care and education.


  • Dr Raša Mladenović

    Dr Raša Mladenović is an Assistant Professor at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia. Rasa specializes in Paediatric Dentistry and has dedicated a good part of his research to digital dentistry. Dr Mladenović works on projects developing technology-enhanced teaching methods in dental education. He is experienced in the programming of dedicated applications and educational promoting materials in the field of oral health and education.

  • Associate Professor ‪Tuti Ningseh Mohd Dom‬

    Tuti is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, the National University of Malaysia. She has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Michigan, and her PhD was in Community Health awarded by the National University of Malaysia. Her research interests include health systems and policies, multidisciplinary approaches to promote oral health and reduce oral health disparities, and methods to improve soft skills in dental education. She is involved in developing national accreditation standards and quality assurance in dental education as well as evaluating compliance to these standards.

  • Dr Bharathi Purohit

    Dr Bharathi Purohit is an Assistant Professor within the Division of Public Health Dentistry, Center for Dental Education and Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Dr Purohit has scientific publications among the highly acclaimed PubMed indexed international journals and is a member of the BMC Oral Health Editorial Board. She has expertise in oral health promotion, oral health policy and teledentistry.

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