African Urban Sexualities after Queer Visibilities

There has been a growth of scholarship on sexualities generally in Africa since the publication of Queer Visibilities. This special issue suggests it is now an opportune time to revisit Queer Visibilities, to consider its place in relation to subsequent scholarship, and to map out future directions for research and activist engagement on specifically urban African sexualities.

It explores, through multiple avenues and perspectives, what a future agenda for urban sexualities work in Africa could potentially look like.

The aim of the Special Issue is to help propose a range of African urban agendas for sexuality debates.


  • Dr. Andrew Tucker

    Dr Andrew Tucker is the Deputy Director of the African Centre for Cities. He has extensive experience working to understand and address inequality in a variety of forms across Africa. His work has explored how social markers such as race, sexuality and gender relate to the urban environment.

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