Digital Transformation in Business and Education for Sustainable Futures

The intersection of digital transformation, business, and education presents a promising avenue for advancing sustainable development and shaping a more inclusive and resilient future. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, it offers immense opportunities to address complex sustainability challenges across various sectors. This topic collection in Discover Sustainability Journal aims to explore the synergies between digital transformation, business practices, and education in fostering sustainable futures. By examining the role of technology as an enabler of innovation, efficiency, and collaboration, this topic collection seeks to shed light on the transformative potential of digital solutions for creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Keywords:Digital Transformation; Sustainable Development; Business Practices; Corporate Governance and gender board diversity; Business Education; Technology and Innovation


  • Allam Hamdan

    Allam Hamdan, Professor, Ahlia University, Bahrain. He is ranked in the top 2% of scientists worldwide by Stanford University. With numerous publications in regional and international journals, his research primarily addresses accounting, financial, and economic issues in the Arab world. He also explores educational topics, such as governance, investment, and economic growth in Arab world universities. Remarkably, he holds the highest scientific research citation ranking among Arab countries for six consecutive years (2018-2023) according to ARCIF analytics.

  • Esra Saleh Al Dhaen

    Esra Saleh Al Dhaen, Assistant Professor, Ahlia University, Bahrain. Currently, she is an Executive Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation and Assistant Professor at Ahlia University Bahrain. Leads Sustainable Development Initiatives with the United Nations, belongs to various national and international societies focusing on sustainable development and quality improvement. Recognized for Best papers by Emerald Publishing in areas like strategy, sustainable quality management, and teaching. An expert in higher education strategic planning, measurement, and internal/external environment assessment.

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