The Metametaphysics of Social Ontology

This topical collection aims at discussing which way(s) should social ontology go: What should be social ontology's goals? Social ontology's methods? How should social critique and social ontology be articulated? What should be the relation between social sciences and social ontology? How to naturalize social ontology? How should we conceive the relationship between social ontology and general metaphysics? Is the relation of grounding relevant for social ontology?


  • Raphaël Künstler

    My current research program aims at using social ontology in order to offer a new and alternative interpretation of the empirical data (Arendt, Milgram and Browning) usually regarded as supporting the banality of evil theory.

  • Esa Díaz-León

    Dr. Esa Díaz-León is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona. Her areas of specialization are philosophy of mind and language and philosophy of gender, race and sexuality. She has published over 35 articles in journals and edited volumes. Her current research focuses on the nature of social construction, the prospects of conceptual engineering, and the metaphysics and the meta-metaphysics of gender.

  • Francesco Guala

    I work in the Department of Philosophy, University of Milan, mainly on the ontology of institutions and social kinds, using tools borrowed from game theory and economics. My latest book is Understanding Institutions (Princeton UP, 2016).

  • Harold Kincaid

    School of Economics, University of Cape Town

Articles (10 in this collection)

  1. Critical social ontology


    • Kevin Richardson
    • Content type: Original Research
    • Published: 05 June 2023
    • Article: 204