Intercultural Digital Ethics

Recent advances in the capability of digital information technologies—particularly due to advances in artificial intelligence—have invigorated the debate on the ethical issues surrounding their use. However, this debate has often been dominated by ‘Western’ ethical perspectives, values and interests, to the exclusion of broader ethical and socio-cultural perspectives. This imbalance carries the risk that digital technologies produce ethical harms and lack social acceptance when the values designed into these technologies collide with those of the communities in which they are delivered and adopted. These risks have become more pressing as the development and adoption of digital technologies becomes increasingly global. Against this background, the aim of this topical collection is for scholars to reflect on the ethical challenges of digital technologies from broader socio-cultural perspectives. To read more, please click here


  • Nikita Aggarwal

    Nikita Aggarwal is a DPhil (PhD) candidate at the Faculty of Law, as well as a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute's Digital Ethics Lab, directed by Professor Luciano Floridi. Her research examines the legal and ethical challenges due to emerging, data-driven technologies, with a particular focus on machine learning in consumer lending. Her DPhil research is jointly supervised by Professors John Armour and Horst Eidenmüller (Faculty of Law) and Professor Tom Melham (Department of Computer Science).

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