Reducing Poverty and its Consequences

Submission Deadline: Jan. 1, 2023

Springer is calling for submissions to our new Collection on Reducing Poverty and Its Consequences, in support of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG1 and SDG10.

As one of the most enduring and complex social problems in the world, poverty, and its eradication, must be addressed through a variety of research and practice domains including social, behavioral, and public health perspectives. This Collection aims to synthesize and integrate these perspectives in order to provide a holistic overview of systemic structures buttressing poverty, along with poverty-reduction methods, interventions, and the harmful consequences of poverty, as well as highlight future research directions and gaps in our knowledge.

Our goal for this Collection is to create a cross-disciplinary space for researchers and educators working within and across social, behavioral, and public health paradigms to address this significant global issue. We hope to bring together scholarship that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), explores policy and community issues, and makes a difference to the mental health and well-being of people living in or recovering from living in poverty.

We encourage submissions including, but not limited to, the following topics:

- Evidence-based interventions to reduce poverty

- Implementation of services and service delivery

- Transforming existing systems through AI and research

- Big Data and computational approaches to eradicating poverty and its consequences

- How poverty affects brain and behavior

- Child and adolescent well-being

- Behavior analytic and culturo-behavior scientific perspectives on poverty eradication

- Psychological resilience and poverty

- Socio-economic disparities in access to healthcare and mental healthcare

- Tropical diseases and other infectious diseases of poverty

- Pro-poor health and healthcare policy

- Poverty, homelessness, and educational attainment

- Intersecting vulnerabilities across race, gender, and SES

- Systemic structures reinforcing poverty

- Policy and economic interventions

- Impact of climate change, war, and violence

- Potential for community action

- Poverty as a global human rights concern

- Pregnancy and Poverty

Submission Procedure: The following journals are accepting submissions for this Collection. Please use the appropriate submission link and select ‘yes’ when asked if you are submitting to a collection, then select the name of this collection “Reducing Poverty and its Consequences”.

Submissions to the Collection may be research articles or review articles. Please read the submission guidelines for each journal before submitting. Each submission will undergo thorough and rigorous peer review according to each journal’s peer review editorial policy. Accepted articles will be published in their respective journal, as well as highlighted on the Collection page.

- AIDS and Behavior

- Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research

- Adolescent Research Review

- Behavior and Social Issues

- Child Psychiatry and Human Development

- Child & Youth Care Forum

- Community Mental Health Journal

- Current Psychology

- Journal of Human Rights and Social Work

- Journal of Public Health Policy

- Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

- Journal of Urban Health

- Journal of Youth and Adolescence

- Maternal and Child Health Journal

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