Energy landscapes of today and tomorrow

The transition of energy systems toward renewable energy sources (RES) is a key issue for sustainable development.

To execute this transformation, a tremendous number of renewable energy provision as well as infrastructure units are necessary. Thus, new energy landscapes will emerge changing energy provision from “energy for space” to “energy from space”. Such energy landscapes not only include traditional landscape patterns, but also renewable resource potentials, conversion units and related infrastructure, and also humans being affected by the transition in very different ways.

In light of this, addressing the manifold challenges connected with newly emerging energy landscapes and exploring possible solutions was the focus of the UFZ Energy Days 2018 held in Leipzig from the 24–25 September 2018.

This article collection originates from a selection of papers based upon presentations at the Energy Days. It aims at fostering the exchange between energy research at the UFZ and the national and international scientific community and will be open for further submissions.


Articles (15 in this collection)