Virtual Special Issue on Corporate Governance and Ethics: What’s Next?

Corporate governance (CG) is a key area of management with important implications for business ethics. The interface of CG and business ethics is populated with rich intellectual debates on the role of ethics in governance from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Within these debates, the relationship between CG and outcomes for business and society, as well as the role of CG structures and processes and their comparative aspects across institutional settings are discussed. Despite a proliferation of research at the interface of CG and ethics, we observe that an engagement with topics, methodologies and expected outcomes drawing on established frames and theories of CG tends to the ignoring or even the preclusion of an explicit engagement with debates in business ethics. Through this VSI, we as section editors showcase previously published papers in the Journal that proactively explore the explicit linkages and interfaces between CG and ethical societal challenges, with the aim of inspiring further such CG research.

Jeroen Veldman, Tanusree Jain and Christian Hauser

Table of Contents

Justice and Corporate Governance: New Insights from Rawlsian Social Contract and Sen’s Capabilities Approach Magali Fia & Lorenzo Sacconi

Is Integrated Reporting Really the Superior Mechanism for the Integration of Ethics into the Core Business Model? An Empirical Analysis Janine Maniora

Engaging employees for the long run: Long-term investors and employee-related CSR Alexandre Garel & Arthur Petit-Romec

Do Contracts Make Them Care? The Impact of CEO Compensation Design on Corporate Social Performance Jean McGuire, Jana Oehmichen, Michael Wolff & Roman Hilgers

The Influence of Corporate Elites on Women on Supervisory Boards: Female Directors’ Inclusion in Germany Jie Huang, Marjo-Riitta Diehl & Sandra Paterlini

Corporate social responsibility and NGO directors on boards Shili Chen, Niels Hermes & Reggy Hooghiemstra

The Risk of Fraud in Family Firms: Assessments of External Auditors Gopal Krishnan& Marietta Peytcheva

Why Bad Things Happen to Good Organizations: The Link Between Governance and Asset Diversions in Public Charities Erica Harris, Christine Petrovits & Michelle H. Yetman

Neither Principles Nor Rules: Making Corporate Governance Work in Sub-Saharan Africa Franklin Nakpodia, Emmanuel Adegbite, Kenneth Amaeshi & Akintola Owolabi

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