100 Seconds to Midnight: Global Threats and Public Health

We are inviting colleagues around the world to submit original research, analyses, and descriptions of ongoing and emerging threats to population health. Many countries and their health policies disfavor or threaten people exploited for a long list of reasons, including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion, migrants and refugees fleeing war, economic instability, climate change effects, and environmental degradation. We aim to stimulate actions and discussions from those working in public health research, policy, and practice to share new ideas and suggest strategies for how to better recognize emerging threats to health, validate and verify health-related information, store and reexamine historic health records, develop, and implement data-driven action plans to protect health.

Articles (17 in this collection)

  1. Commentary


    • Elihu D Richter
    • Content type: BriefCommunication
    • Published: 11 August 2008
    • Pages: 265 - 274
  2. Preventing War


    • Rodolfo Saracci
    • Content type: Guest Editorial
    • Published: 01 September 1991
    • Pages: 265 - 269