Resilient and Sustainable Food Production Systems

The current global food production system causes millions of people to become food insecure. With the ever-increasing population and growing environmental pressures, ensuring resilient and sustainable production of foods while minimizing critical resource use and land degradation is vital. Hence, practical and innovative approaches are required to secure crop yield stability in a changing climate and ensure the food supply for the increasing population. This aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) of ending hunger and increasing food security through sustainable agriculture and food production by 2030.

The Topical Collection offers a platform for researchers, scholars, and professionals in agriculture to share and disseminate knowledge, innovations and experiences on sustainable food production. It welcomes submissions including but not limited to the following research topics: practices and technological advancements in crop improvement, breeding, smart and precision agriculture, urban farming, postharvest technologies, and pest and weed controls, as well as impacts or challenges of achieving food and nutrition security.

Keywords: Agriculture, Crop improvement, Crop protection, Climate change, Food system, Food production, Food security, Urban farming


  • Boon Chin Tan

    Dr. Tan Boon Chin, senior lecturer holding the position of Deputy Director in the Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR), University Malaya, Malaysia.

    He is currently an Editorial Board Member of Discover Food and other journals. His research focuses on unravelling the mechanisms of plant responses and adaptation to environmental stresses, hoping to find sustainable ways to improve crop tolerance and production for near-future climates.

    Research Interests: agriculture; crop improvement; food security; food system; plant science; environmental stress

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