Metaphysics: East and West

The Asian Journal of Philosophy invites submissions for a topical collection on the topic of Metaphysics: East and West, with guest editors Michael Clark, Li Kang, Kris McDaniel, and Tuomas Tahko.

The basic concepts we use to frame metaphysical discussions – our tools of metaphysics – profoundly influence how those discussions proceed. Much recent work in anglophone metaphysics has centred on a set of hyperintensional such tools: grounding, dependence, fundamentality, and essence.

This topical collection will provide new perspectives on these debates by bringing them into contact with Asian metaphysical traditions. We invite paper submissions that can be placed in any of the following categories:

* Contributions to current anglophone debates about grounding, dependence, fundamentality, or essence * Comparative discussions of Eastern and Western figures or traditions in relation to these topics * Discussions about alternative tools of metaphysics that are found in Asian traditions and that resist translation into terms familiar to Western metaphysicians.

Possible focal points in Asian philosophy include (but are not limited to) the doctrine of Pratītyasamutpāda (dependent origination), the concepts of Svabhāva (self-being, intrinsic nature), Śūnyatā (emptiness), and Tathātā (suchness) in Indian Buddhism, and the concepts of Dao 道 (Way), shi 实 (reality), ti 体 (body, substance), xing 性 (nature), and li 理 (principle) in Chinese philosophy.

Note that we welcome papers that focus on applications of the concepts at issue, in addition to more purely theoretical discussions.

Papers should be 7000-10000 words (including references and notes) and prepared for double-blind review. We aim for a good distribution along the dimensions of gender, seniority, and geographical location, in keeping with the journal’s aim of being an outlet for cutting-edge research in Asia and an attractive publication outlet for promoting scholarly work to the large community of researchers working in the region.

Submissions should be made through the journal’s Editorial Manager and prepared according to the general submission guidelines. Please select TC: Metaphysics: East and West from the drop down menu under “Select Article Type” when submitting.


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