Special Issue on Environmental Durability of Composite Materials and Structures

Polymer composites are now widely used in various industrial sectors, including aerospace engineering, wind energy, marine engineering, automobile engineering, railway transportation, sports and consumer products. All of these fields of applications involve changing temperature and humidity conditions. The properties of polymer matrices, so do that of polymer composites, can be affected to different extent by many environmental factors, including but not limited to temperature, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, salt-fog. Moreover, due to the mismatch between the physical and chemical properties of fibers and polymer matrices, the degradation of the composites in-service environments is much more complicated. Understanding of the mechanisms of degradation in different conditions is therefore of the utmost importance. Solutions towards the prevention, alleviation, delay of environmental degradation are in urgent needs. Empirical, analytical, numerical models for the predictions of the residual properties of composites in hygrothermal environments should also receive enough attention to guarantee a safe structural design.

This special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to share their latest progress in the study of the environmental durability of composite materials and structures. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:

• Hygrothermal durability of different types of polymer composites and degradation mechanisms.

• Characterization techniques for the evaluation of environmental durability.

• Development of theoretical and numerical models considering environmental effects.

• Prediction of the load-carrying capability after ageing and life prediction.

• Solutions and techniques towards better environmental durability.

• Environmental ageing of engineering structures.

• Design of composite structures considering environmental ageing.

Submission Timetable:

Submission Open Date: 1st September 2023

Submission Deadline: 31th August 2024



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