Tissue oxygenation: how to measure, how much to target

Hemodynamic management ultimately aims to restore oxygen availability in the tissue. Some hemodynamic variables, both on a macrohemodynamic and a microcirculatory scale, remain difficult to obtain in a clinical setting, and in many instances, more research is needed to determine their relevance in a physiologic context and evaluate individualized targets. This thematic collection aims at bringing together translational and basic original research and reviews on the subject.


  • Matthias Peter Hilty

    Matthias Hilty’s interests lie in the foundations of physiology, their application in clinical practice, and the use of advanced computational methods. His group has developed algorithms to analyze individual red blood cell paths in in-vivo dark field microscopy, as well as neuronal-network based methods to identify disease-specific alterations in the sublingual microcirculation of critically ill patients. Clinical and physiological (high-altitude) studies enable to test and validate tissue-based approaches.

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