Annals of Biomedical Engineering 50th anniversary collection

2022 marks an exciting milestone for Annals of Biomedical Engineering, as we celebrate 50 years of publishing research and timely reviews in biomedical engineering. In this 50th anniversary collection, we present the top 50 most cited publications in ABME of all time, as of January 2022. These papers demonstrate the lasting impact of the journal on developments in the field.


  • Stefan M. Duma

    Editor-in-Chief Virginia Polytechnic and State University, USA

Articles (50 in this collection)

  1. Metal Nanoshells

    Authors (first, second and last of 7)

    • Leon R. Hirsch
    • Andre M. Gobin
    • Jennifer L. West
    • Content type: Nanobioengineering
    • Published: 10 March 2006
    • Pages: 15 - 22