Special Issue: Adaptive Water Resources Management Under Climate Change: A Tribute to the memory of Nilgun Harmancioglu

In this Special Issue, we intend to focus on the adaptive management of water resources mostly related to non-stationary climatic conditions. We also intend to assist in formulating innovative methodologies and produce recommendations for best practices and the building of institutions that can meet these growing challenges.

The Guest Editors of this Special Issue seek to include papers that review the existing knowledge and that show how we can use that knowledge to assist policy makers, administrators and practitioners who face the challenges in water resources management due to climate change.


  • George Tsakiris

    Lab. of Reclamation Works and Water Resources Management, National Technical University of Athens, Greece; email:

  • Daniel P. Loucks

    Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA

Articles (23 in this collection)