Ferroic Materials

The Topical Collection of Ferroic Materials aims to collect a wide variety of topics from different disciplines that share the focus on Ferroic Materials for Energy applications and Information storage.

This Topical Collection welcomes contributions on new fabrication and characterization methods, as well as modeling and simulation of Ferroic materials. The aim of this Topical Collection of Discover Materials is to provide a comprehensive contribution on the broad topic of Ferroic materials across a large time and length-scale range, and to promote the further development of these promising materials.

Keywords: Ferroelectric; Ferromagnetic; Multiferroics; Ceramics; Thin films; Simulations; Fabrication; Devices; Applications


  • José Pedro Basto da Silva

    José P. B. Silva (ORCID 0000-0002-3485-7032) is a junior researcher at Centre of Physics of University of Minho and Porto (CF-UM-UP). He graduated in Physics and Chemistry in 2008 and received his Ph.D in 2013 from the University of Minho (Portugal). Between 2014 and 2019, he was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Materials Physics Institute of the University of Porto (IFIMUP) and at CF-UM-UP, both in Portugal. His current research interests focuses on understanding the relationship between structure and functionality of ferroelectric oxide thin films for memory and energy storage applications.

  • Luís Silvino Alves Marques

    Luís Marques (0000-0001-7477-6934) is assistant Professor at Physics department of University of Minho. He is the head of the Computational Physics Lab at the centre of Physics of University of Minho (CFUM), where he develops his research activity with emphasis on materials simulation, modelling of plasma sources with applications in materials processing, development of new devices for energy and biomedical applications. His main motivation is linking fundamental and applied research in the development of new material concepts and processing technologies, design of new devices, using modeling/simulation techniques.

  • Bertrand Vilquin

    Bertrand Vilquin (0000-0002-7404-0019), is reader at ECL. He has been working on integration of perovskite materials since the beginning of his PhD in 1999 at Université de Caen. In 2002, he joined the Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University for a 2-years post doctoral fellowship. In 2005, he became associate professor at Ecole Centrale de Lyon. He is author or co-author in more than 95 scientific papers and was 16 times invited speakers in international conferences. He has a rich experience in both national and international research projects or networks and has been the coordinator of ANR projects.


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