Advanced technologies and applications of 6G NTN

With the increasing demand for large capacity, high speed and seamless global coverage, the new generation of mobile communication is gradually developing towards the direction of satellite-ground integration. Research on the sixth generation (6G) mobile communication currently focuses on the development of non-terrestrial network (NTN) to facilitate ubiquitous high-capacity global connectivity. 6G envisages a three-dimensional heterogeneous architecture in which the ground infrastructure is supplemented by air stations, including unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), high altitude platform (HAP) and satellite. These elements can not only provide on-demand cost-effective coverage in crowded and unserved areas, but also guarantee relay, backhaul, support for high-speed mobility and high-throughput hybrid services. In order to promote the development of 6G NTN, this special issue aims to provide a platform for researchers in academia and industry to publish their recent research results and discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions related to 6G NTN. We welcome the submission of original research papers on the most advanced technologies and applications related to 6G NTN network.


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