Flow Dynamics

The full title of the topical collection is 'Flow Dynamics involving Particles, Droplets and Bubbles', which indicates the scope of the papers. These cover many of the latest exciting findings in the subject from recent computational, analytical and experimental investigations by world-leading researchers.


  • Professor Frank T Smith

    Frank T Smith FRS works in mathematical modelling for industrial, aerodynamical, biomedical, biochemical and social applications. Examples include ice growth, fluid/body interactions, impacts and splashes, storms, blood flow, stroke, cell behaviour, consumer choice and city growth. Frank applies modeling with analytical, computational and experimental links, often with elements in common for a variety of applications.

  • Professor Eleanor Stride

    Eleanor Stride is a statutory Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford. She specialises in ultrasound and cavitation physics and their application in stimuli responsive drug delivery.

Articles (4 in this collection)