Futuristic Advancement in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering: Futuristic Advancement in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering collection aims to publish high-quality articles with main focus in: Materials and Manufacturing. The collection includes the mechanical, thermal and physical properties of new and advanced engineering materials, composites, nanocomposites, bio-compatible materials; sensor materials and characterization of engineering materials. Manufacturing techniques such as advancement in conventional and nonconventional machining, machining of difficult to cut materials, thermal modelling of machining processes, hybrid machining processes, metal forming, welding, micromachining, additive manufacturing and characterization of additive manufacturing parts.


  • Dr. Mithilesh K. Dikshit

    Dr. Mithilesh K. Dikshit is an Assistant Professor at Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management (IITRAM), India. He holds Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and master degree in Production Engineering. His major areas of research include High Speed Machining, Mechanics of Metal cutting, Composite Materials, Molecular Dynamics, Vibration and Control, Optimization.

  • Dr. Angelos P. Markopoulos

    Dr. Angelos P. Markopoulos PhD (M) is an Associate Professor and Director of the Section of Manufacturing Technology at the School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece. His research includes topics such as precision and ultraprecision machining processes with special interest in high-speed hard machining, grinding and micromachining.

  • Dr. Gautam Choubey

    Dr. Gautam Choubey is presently working as an Assistant Professor at Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management. He holds Ph.D. in the field of Supersonic Combustion from National Institute of Technology Silchar, Assam India. His research interest mainly includes Scramjet Combustion, Supersonic combustion, Turbulence modeling in high-speed flows, Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction, Biofuels, Heat transfer enhancement.


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