Wolf (Canis lupus)



In the summer of 2002, when my young daughters and I saw a pair of wolves (Canis lupus) tear across the meadow on our land chasing a white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), we tracked them. To avoid interfering with their hunt, we waited a few minutes before following the swath of flattened grass they’d left across our meadow. Their trail led us into the forest, to an old barbed wire fence that bounds our property. The deer had gone over the fence and onto our neighbor’s land, and the wolves had followed. But rather than jump the fence, the wolves had run between two strands of wire, leaving clumps of hair on the barbs. I collected it, went indoors, and glassed it with a hand lens. The samples had a thick, oily undercoat and long, dark guard hairs.


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