Seeds of Sustainability

pp 197-227

Water Resources Management in the Yaqui Valley

  • Gerrit SchoupsAffiliated withDepartment of Water Management, Delft University of Technology
  • , Lee AddamsAffiliated withStanford University
  • , David S. BattistiAffiliated withUniversity of Washington
  • , Ellen McCulloughAffiliated withStanford University
  • , José Luis MinjaresAffiliated withNational Water Commission, Cuidad Obregón

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Managing water for sustainable use and economic development is a technically and politically difficult challenge for many regions of the world (Lach et al. 2005; Jacobs et al. 2010). Because water is the lifeblood of agriculture in the Yaqui Valley and has been used almost exclusively for irrigation purposes, it is intimately tied to sustainability transitions in agriculture. Moreover, as demands increase for other uses, including supplying urban growth and maintaining environmental flows, broader sustainability concerns are being added.