Revert Multilane One-ways to Two-way for Business

In many cities, one-way networks are holding business back
  • Jeff Speck


IF YOUR CITY DOES NOT HAVE any multilane one-way streets, you can skip this section and the three that follow. But most sizeable American cities do, and many small cities as well. How this happened, mostly between 1950 and 1980, is well covered in Walkable City in a section titled “The One–Way Epidemic,” which attempts to convey the extent of the damage wrought by this nationwide error. Since that book was written, more data and stories have been collected, and it is hard to find a city planner who is not aware of the national movement to revert one-way streets back to two-way travel. Still, many American cities remain unwilling to reconsider their downtown one-ways, and some are even—double take!—introducing new one-ways as we speak. Las Vegas just decided to turn its Main Street one-way. At least it’s got a bike lane.

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