Redesign Your Bus Network

Take advantage of current best practices to make the most of your transit investment
  • Jeff Speck


IN MOST AMERICAN CITIES, your bus network is your real public transit workhorse. If it has not been comprehensively redesigned within the past two decades, chances are it should be, for three main reasons: First, we know a lot more about transit design then we used to. Current best practices may suggest an organization different from your current one. Second, most bus networks have received many tweaks over time, minor individual changes that may have made sense individually but that collectively have undermined the logic of the system, causing inefficiency, confusion, and potentially lost ridership. Finally, as discussed by Jarrett Walker, cities change. Each generation of growth is likely to alter working and living patterns in a way that impacts transit needs, and each generation of humans will have different values and priorities that govern its transit choices. Only a comprehensive redesign can address these changes rationally.

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