Eliminate On-Site Parking Requirements

Replace parking minimums with maximums
  • Jeff Speck


IN 2000, my colleagues and I wrote the following:

[The on-site parking requirement] is probably the single greatest killer of urbanism in the United States today. It prevents the renovation of old buildings, since there is inadequate room on their sites for new parking; it encourages the construction of anti-pedestrian building types in which the building sits behind or hovers above a parking lot; it eliminates street life, since everyone parks immediately adjacent to their destination and has no reason to use the sidewalk; finally, it results in a low density of development that can keep a downtown from achieving critical mass. All told, there is nothing to be said in favor of the on-site parking requirement. Cities that wish to be pedestrian friendly and fully developed should eliminate this ordinance immediately and provide public parking in carefully located municipal garages and lots.

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