Energy and metabolizable protein supply

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Several systems are used to measure energy (Van Es, 1978; Møller et al., 1983; INRA, 1989; NRC, 1989; AFRC, 1993) and metabolizable protein (MP) (Madsen, 1985; NRC, 1985; Vérité et al., 1987; AFRC, 1992; Tamminga et al., 1994) supplies in cattle. Feed evaluation for cattle is in continues development and several new systems have been proposed (Sniffen et al., 1992; NRC, 2001; Thomas, 2004). The aim of the new systems is to refine and more carefully describe the interactions between the animal, its feed and the environment to predict performance. Also in the development of NorFor an important objective is to obtain improved estimates of the animal’s dietary energy and protein supplies by taking into account the effects of feeding level and diet composition on both ration digestibility and microbial activity.


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