Hardware Implementation of Embedded Fuzzy Controllers on FPGAs and ASICs

  • Santiago Sánchez-SolanoEmail author
  • María Brox
Part of the Atlantis Computational Intelligence Systems book series (ATLANTISCIS, volume 9)


Fuzzy logic was introduced by Zadeh 1965 as a tool able to describe the behavior of complex systems by means of simple rules expressed in natural language (Zadeh , 1965, , 1973). Among the many applications of fuzzy logic, fuzzy control has been one of the fields where fuzzy techniques have provided a greater amount of successful results.



This work was partially funded by Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness under the Project TEC2011-24319 and by Junta de Andalucía under the Project P08-TIC-03674 (both with support from FEDER). The authors would like to thank all the people who have contributed to the development of Xfuzzy. In special to Jesús Izquierdo and Lidia L. Delgado, for their contribution to the versions of xfsg and xfvhdl used in this work.


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