Pact-Making in Hungary: The 1989 Hungarian Roundtable Talks

  • John W. Schiemann
Part of the Political Evolution and Institutional Change book series (PEIC)


Substantive pact-making in Hungary at the NKA from June through September 1989 was preceded both by growing splits within a MSZMP leadership divided over how to deal with an existing economic—and looming political—crisis as well as by a simultaneous explosion of independent groups challenging the party’s monopoly on power. The question is not which side, regime or opposition, initiated the pact-making process (Huntington 1991, 124–163).The more important questions ask what the dynamics were between the regime and opposition that led them to the particular bargaining table that came to be called the roundtable talks and what implications these dynamics have for pact-making and the pact chosen as its outcome.


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