Introduction: The National Body in Mexican Literature

  • Rebecca Janzen
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I began writing this book while recovering from a concussion incurred at my workplace, a small, private, religiously affiliated university in rural Ohio. One part of this experience overshadows all the others—the experience of seeking ongoing medical care after the initial injury. The injury was covered by Workers’ Compensation (or Workers’ Comp), rather than my employer-sponsored health insurance, as it was incurred at work, and my interactions with Workers’ Comp led me to believe that they cared more about whether I was faking a head injury than about whether I should return to work. The Christian community that supported the university prayed for me and brought me food. Underneath their concern and prayers was, I imagine, their preoccupation that I remain in Ohio rather than return home and that I get back to work, as I taught most of their Spanish course offerings that year.


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