STEM’s What, Why, and How? Ontology, Axiology, and Epistemology

  • Nataly Z. Chesky
  • Mark R. Wolfmeyer
Part of the The Cultural and Social Foundations of Education book series (CSFE)


In this chapter we use the philosophical concepts of ontology, axiology, and epistemology to understand STEM more completely. We first provide a brief orientation to the history of how these terms have been used in philosophical discourse; then we delve into an overview of these three categories with respect to each subarea of STEM, starting with mathematics and science. In each case we explain how they have historically been implemented in education, and philosophically how they have been utilized to critique and/or aid inquiry into each subcontent area. In conclusion, we refine the picture by addressing the axiology, epistemology, and ontology of STEM as a singular unit.


axiology education policy epistemology ontology 


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