The Opening of a New Chapter in the World’s History

  • Sverre Raffnsøe


This initial chapter describes how the Anthropocene gives rise to a still unfamiliar landscape that is distinct and overarching. It is characterized by the fact that the human being holds a new position and a new role. Humankind has acquired a central role as the single most decisive factor on Earth, not only for humans themselves but also in a wide range of contexts that stretch far beyond humanity. In the Anthropocene, humankind has come to play a more decisive part, locally and for the planet as a whole, than ever before. Through a lengthy and gradual process, stretching back to and including even the Neolithic, an originally humble and inferior creature living on the ground has re-organized its earth-bound space, so that the human has now become and will probably continue to be an absolutely key factor in the development of its home planet. This turn towards the human presents a number of challenges that call for further exploration.


the Anthropocene the Anthropogene Anthropos Apocalypse Crutzen Derrida the end of history eschaton homo Zalasiewicz Zižek 


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