Individual Author’s Style: The Way to Hear Timbre

  • Marklen E. Konurbaev


Authors choose unique ways of expression in their books in order to be understood and distinguished against multiple voices that may sound similar. Grammar, syntax, idiom, logic, structure of narration, epistemic patterns, modality and style create a unique landscape of sense and timbre where foregrounded elements are made either more or less felt against various stylistic backgrounds. Unique elements of expression form a generic image of accentuation, a sort of a gestalt that is associated with a particular purport and intention of the author. Auditory gestalts perceived by the reader in the text may be extremely diverse in nature and have invariant characteristics depending on the material structure of speech. The multiplicity of timbres as arranged by the author in his or her own individual way to make his or her voice clearly heard forms the essence of the author’s individuality and shapes his or her unique message to the reader. Journalism, fiction, science — each one of these areas will have different rules for such expression. Interpretation of these rules in an effort to perceive the holistic symphony of gestalts translates into an understanding of the author and his or her message.


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