Informational Capital: How It Is Developed and Used by CSOs and EU Institutions

  • Stefan Bernhard
Part of the Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology book series (PSEPS)


Bourdieu’s work has been a major inspiration for the analysis of processes beyond the nation state. Research has dealt with processes of transnationalisation of different kinds (Favell and Guiraudon, 2011; Georgakakis and Lasalle, 2010; Kauppi, 2005; Lee Mudge and Vauchez, 2012). Key concepts such as capital, field and symbolic dominance proved to be adequate tools for coming to terms with complex processes of national disembedding and transnational embedding (Fourcarde, 2006; Go, 2008; Pouliot, 2008). Naturally, European integration has been an object of study too (Fligstein, 2008; Kauppi, 2003; Kauppi, 2013; Mérand, 2010).


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