#In$tagLam: Instagram as a Repository of Taste, a Burgeoning Marketplace, a War of Eyeballs



Bloggers in Singapore are fast becoming Asia’s upcoming generation of lucrative entrepreneurs, some with earnings rolling into the millions. Through ‘lifestyle blogs’ containing personal diary entries interwoven with personalized advertorials and paid reviews, their private lives become a tool for selling products and services, and this manufactured celebrity has in recent years begun to be broadcast on other social media enterprises. Among these, Instagram is the fastest growing media application among mobile-savvy users in Singapore (TNP September 1st, 2013). As a result of these emergent practices, entanglements such as the ownership of hashtags, competitive strategies to be featured on Instagram’s ‘Popular Page’, and tagging ‘wars’ have begun to circulate within an industry where personal lives are real-time billboards to eager, watchful eyeballs.


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