A Diachronic Study of Jingju Yangbanxi Model Peking Opera Music

  • Dai Jiafang
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In the musics of the Chinese Cultural Revolution period of the twentieth century, model Peking opera (jingju ytzngbtznxi) is undoubtedly the centre of interest—and with good reason. First, model Peking opera is a prolific genre. Among the 19 officially recognized model performances, 11—that is, over half—are Peking operas (jingju).1 Second, many musical innovations of model Peking opera were highly effective, achieving satisfying results. Well received by professionals, they have been adopted over and over again, even to the present day, creating a lasting legacy. Thus, for decades, scholars have diligently studied the music of model Peking opera. However, most existing writing focuses on the musical materials only synchronically and overlook the diachronic aspect—the process of artistic evolution of the genre in such a short timespan of just over ten years. This is the focus of this chapter.


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