Respecting the Requirements of Justice

  • Daniel Jacob
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In the introduction to Chapter 4, I argued that in order to be morally justified as a means to fulfill the requirements of the natural duty of justice an ITA must fulfill three conditions:
  • c1: the establishment of an ITA is a response to a situation of extreme state failure, in which a state is systematically unable to protect its citizens’ security rights

  • c2: the goal of an ITA is to create minimally just conditions. To this end, it protects the local population’s security rights and ensures the (re-)construction of minimally just institutions. Once this goal is reached, ultimate authority must be transferred to the local government

  • c3: the ITA governs in a way that respects the local population’s human rights and basic principles of rule of law, that makes the ITA accountable to the local population, and that avoids humiliation


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