Introducing International Migration Narratives

  • Antoine Pécoud
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This chapter describes the reports that compose international migration narratives (IMN), and which serve as the corpus for the analysis developed in this book. It explains the criteria upon which they were selected, and makes a number of observations on these publications, in terms of context, audience, language of publication, etc. The reports are the following: The Programme of Action of the United Nations Conference on Population and Development; the Declaration of the Hague on the Future of Refugee and Migration Policy; the International Agenda for Migration Management; the GCIM report; the seven World Migration Reports published by IOM since 2000; the World Economic and Social Survey 2004; the report of the UN Secretary General on Migration and Development; the ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration. Non-binding principles and guidelines for a rights-based approach to labour migration; and the UNDP Human Development Report 2009.


Hague Declaration International Migration and Development Multilateral framework on Labour Migration World Economic and Social Surveys World Migration Reports 


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