Accumulating Political Ammunition

  • Julia Metz
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This chapter discusses the European Research Area Expert Group on Research Infrastructures (henceforth, the ERA Research Infrastructures Group), a further expert group managed by DG Research. This expert group was created to provide advice on the development of a legal framework for prospective pan-European research infrastructures, which are defined as ‘facilities, resources and related services that are used by the scientific community to conduct top-level research in their respective fields [… that] may be “single-sited” or “distributed”’ (Commission of the European Communities, 2008c, recital 6).1 The ERA Research Infrastructures Group therefore had a clearly defined and narrow mandate. Moreover, it was composed of only eight members. Accordingly, it was characterized by quite a different institutional setting to the other expert groups discussed so far, which were larger and had the broader mandate to provide advice on an entire policy sector.


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