Defining Customer and Consumer Interactions

  • David F. Giannetto


Now that you are aware of the five types of digital relationships your organization has formed, you should look at each of these relationships from a pragmatic, historical perspective. More specifically, you should understand each interaction that your organization has had with each consumer— from the moment you first interacted with them until the moment the consumer stops being engaged with your organization. Doing this will establish a baseline that shows the relationship between the results that these interactions are creating versus the ideal results, or behaviors, that you are striving to produce This analysis may reveal that some consumers behave in ways that are far from ideal. Prospects will fail to become customers, customers will depart too quickly, influencers will fail to influence in your organization’s favor, and competitors will counteract your intentions. These discoveries, though, provide information that allows your organization to become more effective and move toward the Big Social Mobile ideal.


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