Understanding Digital Relationships

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Every comp any creates a strategic plan designed to do one simple thing: turn consumers into customers. From this simple beginning spring complex strategic objectives, financial projections, management teams, and then knowledge workers and supporting personnel. A set of processes weave these together so that they can gather or create the tangible assets, both physical and digital, necessary to identify, influence, and convert consumers to customers. All activities within the enterprise must participate in the creation of profit. And profit can only be created in one of very few ways: by obtaining new customers, by convincing current customers to purchase more, or by reducing the expense associated with these efforts. Even departments that seem to have little positive impact on the profit equation can be tied back to it. HR provides the necessary people to perform the tasks that create profit and seeks to constantly increase the collective skills and capabilities of the organization. Legal seeks to negotiate to the company’s best advantage and protect it from revenue-draining lawsuits. Improvement efforts, such as Lean or Six Sigma, seek to help the organization operate more effectively and efficiently.


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