States of Rest: Interdisciplinary Experiments

  • Felicity Callard
  • Des Fitzgerald
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This chapter represents a hinge in the book, moving from the more pragmatic material in its first half to the more conceptual work that we take up in the second half. The chapter is centred around the interdisciplinary project from where we both write — Hubbub, a Wellcome Trustfunded project that opens up ‘rest’ as a simultaneously biological, psychological, social, historical, and cultural object. The chapter offers two accounts of how Hubbub came about, focusing first on individuals, and their shared work, and, second, on the institutions and funders that have intersected with that work. The chapter closes by making clear some of the intellectual tensions that nonetheless run through Hubbub, as it works through different registers of intellectual practice.


collaboration Hubbub interdisciplinarity neuroscience rest social science 

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