Military Memorialization and its Object(s) of Period Purification

  • Helene Vosters


These new threads are an affront to my tactile sensibilities. I cringe against the wrongness of them. Against their indifference. Their synthetically enhanced strength has rendered irrelevant the care that was required in unraveling the first uniform whose individual threads had to be carefully teased out of the cloth’s weave. These new NYCO threads, one of this war’s lesser-known technological advancements, do not nestle together with the clinging vigor that the more organic threads of the previous uniform did. They held one another in place, the weaker protected by its more robust neighbor, each made stronger through their unity. But these new nylon-core threads are strong onto themselves. Despite the closeness of the weave, each thread stands apart. For the purpose of unraveling both their strength and their seeming indifference—the ease with which they abandon their neighboring threads to exit the weave— makes the task of deconstruction far less arduous. Even with the larger of the uniform’s dismembered sections I am able to draw out two or three threads with one pull as though the cloth has become impervious to my haste, as though letting go is simply a matter of efficiency.


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