Planning for the Future: How South Korea and the USA Will Deal with North Korean Collapse or Internal Crisis



This chapter is an analysis of the key issues involved in a joint/combined ROK-US military operation in the event of a collapse or other catastrophe in North Korea. It will address key military issues, some of the likely scenarios where these issues would arise, and the potential political factors in South Korea, the United States, and the international community that would likely occur. China is likely to be a major concern — making diplomacy with Beijing a vital issue. The Chinese are unlikely to agree to anything unless it is very clear to the world that North Korea is obviously in the throes of collapse, civil war, or complete anarchy. South Korea does not have all of the resources or the military capabilities to carry out such an operation on its own — but it should lead any efforts to intervene in North Korea because ultimately this is a Korean issue.


contingency planning North Korean collapse North Korean military reunification ROK-US alliance 


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