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  • Claudia Matus
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One of the major purposes of this book has been to dissolve dominant notions of time and space when looked at through the experiences of bodies in motion. In these pages I have shown how current discourses of internationalization of higher education have emerged as an institutional force that allows for other discourses to proliferate. I have presented stories of international graduate students and male and female professors who have completed their degrees somewhere outside of Chile to show the workings of particular ways to produce international subjectivities in institutional spaces. All these stories have something in common: they are possibilities for me to question the ways time and space in their dominant conceptualizations shape our understandings of who we are in academia. These productions are being framed by aggressive policies on higher education that present internationalization discourses and practices as the ways universities align themselves with market’s requirements. An examination of discourses generated within official documents and research studies has also been included in this book. They have provided specific understandings about the ways discourses of the immigrant, the strange, or the student as a threat take shape and gain authority within the discursive web of international initiatives.


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