Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance: An Infrastructure

  • Toni Muzi Falconi


Muzi Falconi articulates why and how managements of private, social and public-sector organizations may improve the quality of their decision-making process and accelerate the implementation of those decisions by developing a soft/hard infrastructure to govern stakeholder relationships. He argues that today these are by definition global, regardless of the size and location, and that a listening culture is necessary to involve and engage stakeholders by implementing a continued, integrated, multi-channel and multi-stakeholder reporting activity. The chapter explains the two dominant approaches: the symbolic interpretive management communicating-to, and the stakeholder relationships with governance approaches; the alignment of internal-/external-communication in an updated generic principles and specific applications policy, in parallel with an 11-step relationships governance process defined as gorel (governance of relationships).


Corporate Governance Stakeholder Group Public Relation Opinion Leader Active Citizenship 
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