Responding to Global Gender Injustice: Concluding Thoughts

  • Grace Ji-Sun Kim


Our beliefs about God, the world, and the human creature shape our behaviors. Throughout the church’s history, doctrine has been used to subjugate and keep women in subordinate roles. This happened in our Christian tradition, as well as in secular traditions. It continues to the present. As women seek to achieve equality within society and the church, it is important to seek new ways of understanding church doctrine that can guide and sustain our transformative efforts.

Each contributor to this volume articulates a new understanding of traditional church doctrines such as Creation, Trinity, the Eucharist, Resurrection, Ecclesiology, Anthropology, Body, Atonement, and Sin. These reimaginings challenge existing understandings that lead to and support the oppression of women. They open pathways to liberate women, the church, and society through the practice of gender equality.


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