Conceptualizing Gender Expertise: Locating the Expertise in Gender Expertise

  • Season Hoard
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The concept of expertise has a detailed history within the social sciences; however, gender expertise, and more specifically the conceptualization of gender expertise, has received relatively little attention in non-feminist and feminist literatures. This absence of attention to the conceptualization of gender expertise should not be sustained in a political environment in which gender equality is receiving increasing focus. The exclusion of women from analysis is nothing new; since the 1980s, feminist scholars have been creating and modifying concepts in order to create better scientific theory that can account for women and gender (Goertz and Mazur 2008). This process, referred to as gendering, involves “bringing out or making explicit the hidden biases and assumptions in standard conceptualizations” (Goertz and Mazur 2008, 7). The concept of expertise and its historical use, which has virtually excluded women and gender expertise, requires gendering in order to fully understand and analyze the current political environment in which gender expertise is becoming increasingly important.


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