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This second introductory chapter provides background information on the methodology and data used for this book. Pretty much the same approach has been used in each of the chapters that follows (except for chapter 3), and so it is useful to start by describing what that approach or structure is. Essentially, with few exceptions, the chapters start with an introduction that lays out the question at hand and provides a brief review of the literature on what has been said about that question. Next, the second section of each chapter, typically titled “cross-country evidence,” provides comparative information not only for Ghana and Burkina Faso, but also for a dozen or so other sub-Saharan countries on the topic discussed in the chapter. This is done for healthcare first, and then for education. The next section in each subsequent chapter provides additional evidence for Ghana and Burkina Faso on the question at hand. The material in that section tends to be different in each chapter, because it depends on the type of additional evidence that has been collected in this book—sometimes the additional evidence may be quantitative, sometimes it may be qualitative, and sometimes it may be combined. In some cases additional evidence is available for both Ghana and Burkina Faso, and for both health and education in each country, but in other cases the additional evidence may be available only for one country, or only for one sector. In several cases, because of data availability, more additional evidence is available for Ghana than for Burkina Faso.


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