The Green Bay Packers: “A Love Story between a Community and a Team”

  • Catherine P. Mulder


The Green Bay Packers are celebrated as being “community owned and operated,” but is that really the case? Indeed, the media and literature would lead you to believe that the Packers are the epitome of socialism, even “an anarchist organization” that is neither publicly nor privately owned (Peppe, 2015). In his article in the online political newsletter Counterpunch, Matt Peppe states that the Packers use “an anarcho-syndicalist model, similar to workers taking control of the factory and running it democratically” like the New Era workers whom we encountered in Chapter 4. This is a seriously misleading statement. Moreover, even Dave Zirin’s article in The New Yorker states that “Green Bay stands as a living, breathing, and, for the [other NFL teams’] owners, frightening example, that pro sports can aid our cities in tough economic times, not drain them of scarce resources” (Zirin, 2011).


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